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About Us

The philosophy behind the network

The Southwest Florida Network of Sites ( is comprised of over 900 area related domain names. has invested thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain it's portfolio of top level URL's.

Several goals are to be expected from this plan. For one, we intend to make the internet users experience less confusing. For instance, to find the Fort Myers Library in Southwest Florida, one simply needs to enter ( in their browser window.The same philosophy would be extended to Attractions, Real Estate, Accommodations, Entertainment, Government, etc. While it may be hard to remember the Lee County Sheriff's site, ( we have created a conduit with (and While many of the sites on the network produce their own traffic, it is the power of our two strongest regional anchor sites that fuel the SWFNS. - Lee Other network sites such as and are quickly becoming popular anchor sites providing additional traffic to the network.,, and are expected to achieve the same status soon.

How the network is linked All network sites are linked together by the SouthwestFloridaNetworkof and, our localized search engine.

Several related network sites are linked by other means. For example, cross links have been established between our boating/marina website (, our fishing site (, our sports site (Southwest, etc.

You can surely see why advertising on this network is important to your Southwest Florida business/service.

“Sorry, advertising options are no longer available to Real Estate related businesses.”

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